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Tilly spent the first few years of her life on the streets in Romania, until she was rescued and brought to the UK. She has been living with her foster family for a while, and is looking for her forever home.

Tilly loves nothing more than to cuddle up on the sofa, and would happily sit with you all day if you sat there for long enough. She is a very loyal, amazing and loving a companion in the house and has a very amusing little character.

Tilly walks very nicely on the lead and enjoys a walk, although she isn’t a fan of the rain or very windy weather as she has a fine and short coat of hair, so she appreciates you putting a warm doggie jacket on her to take her outside. She can be fearful of other dogs, so quiet walks where you can protect her are a must.

Tilly is toilet trained, eats well and really is an absolute sweetheart.

Due to Tilly’s background, being a small dog on the streets – naturally she also has some insecurities around other larger dogs or people. She needs a home where she can feel protected, and given a safe space such as a nice cosy crate to call her own as she can feel the need to defend her surroundings from strange people. Tilly wouldn’t be suited to a home with children.

Tilly would fit in well as an only dog, but with someone experienced that understands how to manage her insecurities and keep her safe.

Aryan (WH)
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